Exseed Dabcool W2 Kit Review—— Second Generation

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Have you seen the second generation product of Dabcool W2?How much do you expect from Dabcool W2 V2 Kit uk?Let’s check it out.Maybe you’ll find something that appeals to you.

Dabcool W2 V2 Kit price

Battery capacity 1500mAh, output temperature 450/500/600/680℉. Dabcool W2 V2 has longer heating time, more accurate temperature, longer service life, bringing you a greater e-cigarette experience. What’s more, the Dabcool W2 V2 Vaporizer kit uk comes equipped with the first IPX4 waterproof atomizer, which is also designed with a double layer structure to prevent heating elements from coming into contact with water. There are two versions for you to choose from: with and without the package.You can buy it from best online vape store uk.

Battery Capacity:1500mAh
Output Temperature:450℉/500℉/600℉/680℉
Colors:Gunmetal, Red, Blue, White, Rainbow, Yellow, Luminous

Quick Link: https://vapesourcing.uk/exseed-dabcool-w2-second-generation-kit.html

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