JeX XTRA Disposable Vape Device —— Dual Flavor

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JEX Xtra Disposable Device UK is a very unique cheap disposable vapes uk that allows you to carry two flavors in your disposable Device UK. JEX Xtra disposable ice lets you choose between crisp and sweet grape-flavored ice or watermelon flavored ice with refreshing mint, allowing you to really get the best of both worlds.

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Dual liquid containers inside the device are designed to separate the fragrances, so you don’t have to worry about scent contamination, just pick up the device and inhale. At the bottom of the device is an indicator light that lights up when you inhale. You can change the taste by smoking several times in two seconds. When the indicator light is green, it provides a strong ice fragrance. When the indicator light is red, provide grape ice flavor. One-time JEX Xtra is pre-filled with 2.5ml of nicotine salt for a total of 600 infuses, 300 for each flavor.Learn more about it from vape online uk.

Battery Capacity:500mAh
Liquid Volume:2.5ml
Puffs:600(each flavor 300 puffs)
Coil Resistance:2.0ohm
Flavors: Lush Ice & Grape Ice, Passion Fruit & Lush Ice, Cool Mint & Grape Ice, Peach Ice & Banana Ice

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