SMOK Altha Burst Wax Vape Pen Kit Review 1500mAh

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Altha Burst Wax Vape Pen Kit is released by the very popular SMOK VAPE company.This slim pen-shaped device can be brought to anyplace.

Pen Kit price

Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, four-coil layout atomizer, and multi-functional mouthpiece.Built from premium stainless steel, the Battery Mod chassis is rugged in construction and simple in design, featuring a single ignition button that provides a convenient power adjustment function, allowing users to dial output from 25W to 30W and 35W.Working with the top of the transparent atomizer, it features a multifunctional mouthpiece, assembled with splash protection and a carbohydrate cap to provide an easy airflow regulation solution.In addition, the built-in quartz glass cavity and Fe-Cr-Al four-core 0.4 ohm coil configuration, provide simple information transmission, and maintain the purity of the internal wax oil, to give the user the most original flavor experience.Please visit vape shops uk online cheap.

Size:22 x 22 x 134mm
Resistance:0.4Ω(Quad Coil)
Material:PEEK(Heating Chamber)+NiCr(Coil)
Colors:Black, Dark Tarnish, Midnight Green, Prism Blue, Prism Rainbow, Rasta Color, Camouflage, Black with Green Spray, Black with Red Spray, Pearl White, Space Grey, Turquoise, HERMES Orange, Misty Rose

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