How About Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA?

Today,I will introduce you the Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA which designed by America reviewer Mike Vapes, comes with 26mm diameter and 810 drip tip.How does it work?

Blaze RTA in stock

Blaze RTA features double 270° 46-holes honeycomb airflow system and top to bottom Leak-proof design for better flavor.THC Blaze RTA utilizes innovative “WOW” build deck for dual coils.ThunderHead Creations Blaze has 2ml straight tube and 5.5ml bubble tube with top filling design.

If you’re thinking of getting a nice vape these days, feel free to drop by online vape shop to make your purchase.More offers await you.

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA 28mm Review

Hellvape has released the Dead Rabbit Max RDA. This is a massive double-coil drip with a landing diameter of 28 mm, a pair of large racks and a capacious tub with a squonk pin.Read this blog to check it out.

Hellvape dead rabbit max vape rda

Dead Rabbit Max Vape RDA in stock.Dripka received a chunky steel dome, decorated in a familiar corporate style.A contrasting 810th multi-colored acrylic drip tip was seated on top. The side walls were perforated with two pairs of cruciform holes, and also decorated with a traditional relief engraving depicting a rabbit.

At the base of the structure are channels that provide fluid when using a squonk pin. Airflow is adjusted by rotating the upper skirt relative to the main dome. In addition to the BF-pin, a standard option is provided.Go to vape store near me to buy.

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