What Is Vessel Helix Dry Herb?

Unlike the other one hitters on this list, this is a one hitter Dry Herb vaporizer – one of the best you’ll find! The Vessel Helix is the perfect tool for your concentrates that looks just like an e-cig. This Dry Herb vaporizer pen is easily portable, easy to use, and creates an awesome smoking experience. It also comes with a dabber.

Vessel Helix Dry Herb in stock

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned one-hitter, but that doesn’t mean your one-hitter vape pen battery needs to be old-fashioned. Meet Helix—elegantly designed with one seriously impressive upgrade: a precision-crafted brass double helix that increases surface area and length of airflow by 2.5x. That means there’s more time for smoke to cool and more space for residue to build up and trap debris before it gets into your lungs—all this adds up to a smoother, more comfortable hit.

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