What Is Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit 80W?

Today,I’ll be covering you the Vandy vape Pulse AIO Starter Kit Texas from Vandy Vape.Vandy Vape has always been a trusted brand and is one of the top few leaders in the e-cigarette market.

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review

If you are a do-it-yourself and a DIY vaping enthusiast, the Vandy vape Pulse AIO mod kit would be a good choice.”Boro” compatible e-cigarette kits seem to be a new trend,it is the equivalent of an adapter, very versatile and compatible with different stock coils in the tank, you can also buy different rebuildable decks and “bridges”.

The Pulse AIO Kit is powered by a separate 18650 or 21700, 20700 battery with an output power of 80W. Vessel Tanks Vandy Vape Pulse Vessel Kits for deal are included with the Mod. You can DIY it with Vessel RBA Tank, or you can use VVC pre-built coils. This DIY RBA has curved airflow that allows for both large and small coils. Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Vape Kit/Boro/Bilet Box.

Please buy it on the vape online store.

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