What Is Uwell Crown M Vape Starter Kit?

Uwell has released the Crown M kit. The device was equipped with a 35-watt board with a non-trivial adjustment system, variable airflow and a capacious cartridge with two original replaceable evaporators.

Uwell Crown M pod kit for deal

The Uwell Crown M comes with a modest adjustable board with an output power ranging from 5 to 35 watts and a minimalistic interface. A small integrated 1000 mAh battery is used as a power source. USB Type-C is responsible for charging.

The magnetic Uwell Crown M pod cartridge has two original evaporators from the new series, one of which features a double separated winding system. The reservoir has a good capacity of 4 ml. The filling hole is located at the top, under a removable cover. Tightness can be adjusted using the slider on the side control panel.

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Is Eleaf IORE LITE 2 Kit Good?

The new Eleaf IORE LITE 2, I’m not the first to know, right? Eleaf is not very slow to release new products, but it is something to look forward to. What’s new to discover this time? Let’s take a look together.

Eleaf IORE LITE 2 vape kit for sale

The Eleaf IORE LITE 2 Battery is available in five colours for you to choose from. The body is light, compact and easy to carry. Composed of two parts, the IORE LITE 2 Battery and Pod cartridge, it features a 490 mAh internal battery with a maximum power of 12 W and a display light to show you the battery status.

The LITE 2 pods have a 2ml e-juice capacity and are easy to handle with a side fill.What’s more, it’s cheaper than a disposable cigarette, at only $6.99 from vapesourcing.

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What Is Okino C100 Pod Kit?

In this article, we will introduce you to the debut pod system device from a new Chinese brand called Okino , the C100 Pod kit for deal.

Okino C100, a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Innokin , has released its new device in the form of a sub-system C100. The device has a laconic appearance, as well as a simple and thoughtful design.

Okino C100 black and blue

The C100 Pod vape kit near me is made in a compact cylindrical body with a concise design. The battery pack of the sub-system houses a built-in battery with a capacity of 800 mAh. The device is activated by a button. The cartridge of the device received a capacious 4 ml tank, side filling and support for new replaceable evaporators of the OK Coils series: 0.4 ohm and 0.6 ohm.

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Aspire Riil X Pod Kit Review

Aspire has released the Riil X Pod Kit. This is a miniature device on a chain, equipped with a cartridge with a pair of different replaceable coils and a 700 mAh battery.

The device was made of zinc alloy in a single laconic color scheme. The rounded rectangular case was provided with compact dimensions and got rid of the buttons. Wide sidewalls were decorated with large perforations and hex screws. One of the upper corners was provided with a loop for fixing a metal chain with an emblem. The narrow end was supplemented with an air intake hole with a convenient regulator. USB port sent to the bottom.

Aspire Riil X kit gold
Aspire Riil X for sale

The Riil X pod vape kit near me is activated when inhaled and produces a maximum power of 18 watts. The built-in battery with a reserve of 700 mAh is responsible for power. Charging should be carried out via USB Type-C with a current of 2A. The standard removable cartridge has a 2ml clear reservoir and comes with two replaceable coils from the AF Mesh Coil series with 0.6 and 1.0 ohm meshes. The filling hole is located on the side wall of the tank. The intensity of blowing can be adjusted using the slider.

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Aspire Vilter Pro Pod Kit With Ergonomic Leather Cover

Aspire has released the Aspire Vilter Pro Pod Kit. The miniature sub-system was equipped with a set of replaceable cigarette filters and a charging station with a 1600 mAh battery.

The new Vilter Pro Pod Kit received a thin elongated body made of aluminum alloy. The light cylindrical design was spared from unnecessary decor and any controls. The side wall was perforated with a small air intake and equipped with a concise indicator. At the bottom there is a connector for connecting to the docking station.

Vilter Pro kit sierra blue

The replacement cartridge was supplied with a standard 510 drip tip and a set of paper cigarette filters. The charging station was provided with an ergonomic leather cover.

The device is activated when tightened and produces a maximum voltage of 3.4 volts. The built-in 420 mAh battery is responsible for powering the sub-system. The docking station has a 1600 mAh battery. Charging should be done via USB Type-C with a current of 2A. The standard replacement cartridge comes with an integrated coil with a resistance of 1.2 ohms and a magnetic connector. The volume of the tank is 2 ml.

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What Are The Highlights of the DotMod dotPod Nano Kit?

At dotMod, great importance has always been attached to high-quality processing. The housing of the dotPod Nano is made of a zinc alloy and the side panels are covered with soft leather.

With the dotPod Nano Vape Kit, a high-quality e-cigarette from the manufacturer DotMod appears. The compact kit is very handy thanks to the square battery carrier. The large 800mAh battery still ensures a very good endurance.A USB-C port was installed on the underside to charge the built-in battery. The current charge level is indicated by a color LED.

DotMod dotPod Nano Black

The dotPod Nano Pods have a filling volume of 2.0 ml. The pods are already equipped with evaporator heads. These have a resistance of either 0.8 or 1.0 ohms. This gives beginners a pleasant vapor development. Back steamers are also served with the restrictive draft behavior.

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Voopoo’s Youngest Vinci Family-VOOPOO VINCI SE Pod Kit

With an overall length of just 93 mm,the slim and very light Vinci SE Pod Kit almost disappears in your hand and can easily be accommodated in even the tightest pockets.

voopoo vinci se pod kit review

Thanks to the intehrated 900 mAh battery,long vaping sessions are guaranteed with the VOOPOO VINCI SE.The output power is a maximum of 15 W.A stylish “fading”color LED provides pulsating information about the operating status and the battery level of the great kit while vaping.

Equipped with the modern GENE chip,the Vinci pod se kit offers great performance and extensive protective circuits for always safe and reliable operation.

voopoo vinci series v2 pods near me

The brand new Vinci Series V2 pods are euipped with an elaborate multilayer leak protection,which makes it almost impossible for liquid or condensate to escape unitentionally.Your tank holds 2.0 ml of liquid and can be filled quicky and safely thanks to the convenient top-fill,which allows excedd pressure to secape from inside the tank.

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Is Uwell Caliburn X Pod System Kit A Good Choice?

Uwell has released the Uwell Caliburn X Pod Kit. The updated device was equipped with an adjustable 20-watt board with a monochrome interface, an 850 mAh battery and an enlarged cartridge for various vaporizers.

Uwell Caliburn X kit near me

The updated device is made from a familiar style of lightweight aluminum alloy and durable heat-resistant plastic. The laconic case was endowed with a minimum of decor and a smooth shape without sharp corners.

Uwell Caliburn X pod cartridge for deal

The built-in 850 mAh battery is responsible for power.Charging should be done via USB Type-C. The Caliburn X pod cartridge has a familiar design, including a magnetic connector, a capacious 3 ml capacity.Refueling is carried out from above. Airflow is adjusted using the slider at the end of the mod.

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Where To Buy Uwell Cravat Pod System Kit?

Uwell presents an extremely compact and ultra-light Cravat pod system kit near us in a modern slim design.Its easy handling nd the grandiose MTL vape experience make the vape perfect for beginners and those who are switching as well as for everyone who is looking for a compact kit for on the go.

Uwell Cravat pod kit in stock

The integrated 300 mah battery of the Uwell Cravat Kit Red is perfect for vape and thanks to the USB Type-C charging option,the battery is quickly fully charged agin.

Uwell Cravat Pods for sale

The Uwell Cravat Pod Cartridge made of transparent and darkend PCTG have permanently installed and non-replaceable 1.2 ohm Meshed-H coils and thanks to Uwell’s “Pro FOCS Flavor Adjustment Technology”,deliver a grandiose MTL vape experience with absolute top taste as well as soft and dense vape.Up to 1.5 ml of liquid can be accommodated in the pods via a pratical side-fill and the pods are magnetically fixed to the mod.

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Revolutionary tube: DotStick Revo Pod Kit by Dotmod

Dotmod has released the DotStick Revo Pod Kit. The compact device is distinguished by an innovative battery with the ability to charge in just 5 minutes, a maximum power of 35 watts and adjustable airflow.

DotStick Revo kit 35W

The sub-system is powered by an advanced built-in battery, marked by the manufacturer as a supercapacitor with the possibility of ultra-fast charging in 5 minutes with a current of 6A.

However, this requires a specialized charger, sold separately. The minimalistic board provides a standard security system and a maximum power output of 35 watts. The resistance range is 0.3 to 3.0 ohms.

The usual removable DotMod dotStick V2 Tank is equipped with a magnetic connector, a removable 810 drip tip and a pair of evaporators from the dotCoil proprietary series for different types of airflow. The tank is refilled through the side opening and holds 3.5ml of e-liquid.

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