How Many Puffs Can Happy Vibes Twist Offer?

What will be presented to you soon is happy vibes twist disposable vape, which is a brand new atomizer that does not need to be refilled. It has a 2ml pod and has been filled. This time it brings you 4 pods. You don’t need to do any maintenance, just throw it away safely after the liquid is used up.

happy vibes twist disposable vape uk

The 1300mAh built-in battery can at least allow you to use up the 4 pods, and the maximum number of puffs can reach 3500. The battery does not need to be recharged, and the disposable vape uk is very convenient to carry for daily business trips or travel. The concentration of e-liquid is 20mg, allowing you to fully enjoy a more refreshing vaping experience than traditional cigarettes.

With a mesh coil preset inside, you can fully enjoy the silky taste, and the inhalation process from the mouth to the lung is satisfying. A mixture of various drinks and fruits, including blueberry cherry cranberry, blueberry kiwi, crazy blue, kiwi passion guava, lemon&lime, etc.

There is no button operation, just draw activated. Happy Vibes Twist is so easy and hassle-free to use. On the online vape store, you can not only get information about this product but also more new products, and hope you can get your favourite e-cigarette.

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