Are Aquios Bar Water-Based Disposable Vape Better For You?

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What I want to bring you today is a new type of electronic cigarette product, aquios bar water-based disposable vape. I think some people will be curious, about what is a water-based electronic cigarette, first of all, it must be inseparable from water.

aquios bar water-based disposable vape uk

The water content of this disposable cigarette is 30%. The traditional electronic cigarette absorbs moisture from the inside, and it is easier to dry the mouth when it is smoked. And if this kind of water-based e-liquid can be smoked, it will taste better and smoother, and it can bring a more mellow taste.

Evaporation at low temperatures does not lose flavour, because water itself has no taste. So your overall experience will be better.

Another thing to mention is that the aquios bar cheap disposable vape is recyclable, the outer shell is made of special cardboard, so when the life of the device expires, you can dismantle the internal components and sort them, and then the cardboard part can be recycled. I think this design is very friendly to the environment.

This practical disposable cigarette is powered by a built-in battery of 500mAh, and 2ml of e-liquid brings up to 600puffs, of which the nicotine content is 2%. The overall design of the device is very light, the mouthpiece adopts an ergonomic design, and the convenience and ease of operation are beyond doubt.

The fusion of fruit, ice and candy taste brings rich tastes such as Blueberry Bubblegum Ice, Peach Ice, and Tropical Fruit Ice for you to enjoy. I believe there is always a flavour that will make you salivate and make you feel extremely happy during the whole vaping process.

Some cheap vape stores have already launched this innovative disposable cigarette, so you can learn more about and get in touch with more diverse electronic cigarettes.

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