Best Flavour Experience VBAR CUBO LITE Disposable

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VBAR is an e-cigarette brand founded in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to creating a healthy, innovative e-cigarette brand. Easy to use, easy to carry and better tasting disposable cigarettes created to give vapers a better vaping experience. And today I’m going to review the VBAR CUBO LITE Disposable.

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What are the features of cheap disposable vape?

VBAR CUBO LITE Disposable offers you 6 different flavours. A blend of fruit, ice and drink flavours. The device has a more integrated design, slim and easy to carry.

The built-in mesh coils provide a more consistent heat output to prevent the coils from drying out and give you the ideal MTL vaping.

2ml of pre-filled vape juice has 20mg of nicotine strength. Trust 600 puffs to keep you coming back for more with every puff.

What are the characteristics of each of these six flavours?

Menthol Breeze gives you a rich, minty taste with a pleasant breezy sensation.

Energy Drink is a vibrant, carbonated flavour that is not only pleasant but also very uplifting.

Strawberry Orange is a fruit blend with sweet strawberries and oranges to give you a great taste sensation.

Blue Razz Ice is a distinctive combination of blueberry and raspberry, with a cooling sensation of mint at the moment of inhalation. Sweet and refreshing.

Watermelon Ice is a fusion between fruit and ice, with the summery taste of watermelon coming first, followed by a cooling sensation that is very pleasant.

Pink Lemonade is a lemonade full of pink taste, and the sweet and sour taste is not inconsistent at all.

In fact, I think that for disposable vapers, it is not necessary to always stick to those familiar disposable cigarette brands. Even a niche brand like VBAR may bring you unexpected surprises and an amazing vaping experience. You can learn more about disposable cigarettes through uk warehouse if you are interested.

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