What Is Uwell Crown M Vape Starter Kit?

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Uwell has released the Crown M kit. The device was equipped with a 35-watt board with a non-trivial adjustment system, variable airflow and a capacious cartridge with two original replaceable evaporators.

Uwell Crown M pod kit for deal

The Uwell Crown M comes with a modest adjustable board with an output power ranging from 5 to 35 watts and a minimalistic interface. A small integrated 1000 mAh battery is used as a power source. USB Type-C is responsible for charging.

The magnetic Uwell Crown M pod cartridge has two original evaporators from the new series, one of which features a double separated winding system. The reservoir has a good capacity of 4 ml. The filling hole is located at the top, under a removable cover. Tightness can be adjusted using the slider on the side control panel.

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