Comfort and Hygienic-SMOK T-Air Subtank

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Today,I want to introduce you the Smok vapes T-Air Subtank.The design is extremely simple, easy to use, even for the first time newbies can use it easily and conveniently.

The new and rich honeycomb-shaped air hole system can be arbitrarily adjusted with just a smooth rotation. You can easily adjust it to fit your own smoking style.Give you a smooth vaping experience without worrying about oil leaks, discomfort and unhygienic!

SMOK T-Air Subtank price

Possessing an 810 drip tip with a huge 16mm diameter that produces an unprecedented amount of smoke and flavor, this is a zin drip tip that is most interested at the moment.

Smok T-Air Subtank provides users with up to 7 choices, with many different bright colors, optional for you to choose the style that best suits you: black, silver, gray, gold, red, rainbow, blue.

This is vape tank near me with a rather rare size, a great size 32. And it also owns a capacity of up to 5ml, which is huge. It must be said that this is a product that all smoke play brothers must dream of and want to own one.Designed for best performance, delicious taste, extra thick smoke.

The Smok T-Air Subtank has its own oil-filling hole, so the way to fill its oil is also extremely simple and clean. You just need to do the same as in the illustration and you can change or refill the oil, very simple, right?!

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