Could Gabriel XA10000 Vape Be Your Best Item Now?

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What I want to recommend to you today is a large puff disposable cigarette, gabriel xa10000 disposable vape. First of all, it has a 2ml pod, which can be refilled. Perfectly differentiated from other non-refillable disposable vapes.

gabriel xa10000 disposable vape uk

The overall design is relatively light and beautiful, so it will be very convenient for you to carry it. But because the coil has a limited lifespan, you’ll need to throw it away safely at the end of its life. Thanks to the replaceable liquid, you can enjoy up to 10000 puff vape.

Gabriel XA10000 is compatible with a 500mAh battery for power supply, and the maximum output can reach 13W, basically, you can enjoy the smoking process very comfortably. What you need to know is that because this is a disposable cigarette with a large number of puffs, it needs a certain amount of power support. So you can recharge it through the type-c charging interface.

A 1.0ohm mesh coil is installed inside the Gabriel XA10000, and you can fully enjoy the soft and delicate taste it delivers. In addition, the xa10000 disposable vape provides you with a variety of fruit, dessert and beverage flavours. Including Mountain Spring Mint, Summer Watermelon, North Pole Cheese Cake, Snowy Peach, Strawberry Milky Whirlwind, Blueberry Soda, Iced Cola and other flavours.

The device is activated directly by inhalation, with no push-button steps. This 10000 puffs vape is believed to bring you a long-lasting use time, and I hope you will have more different vaping experiences after trying the new disposable vape. You may be able to find ideal e-cigarettes at cheap vape stores.

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