Eleven Bar Disposable Brings You Nice Flavours

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The disposable vape introduced to you today is a brand that may be unfamiliar to you, eleven bar vape. You should first know that with the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, the types of electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more abundant. In addition to some conventional rechargeable and refillable e-liquids, different types of disposable cigarettes have also been derived.

Except for differences in taste, disposable cigarettes are also a brand-new experience in terms of taste experience, such as the number of puffs, nicotine content, and CBD content.

A disposable vape that meets the TPD standard, first of all, provides you with 600 standard puffs, 500mAh built-in battery for power supply, and the highest nicotine content reaches 2%. For some users who need desire to vape and are craving nicotine, this one definitely meets the requirements. You just need to inhale to activate the Eleven Bar.

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In addition to satisfying the desire to vape, I think more people choose disposable cigarettes because of their diverse and innovative flavours. Eleven Bar Disposable mixes single fruit, mixed fruit, beverage and ice taste.

The single fruit gives you the taste of a Banana and a Red Apple, the sweetness of the banana will definitely get you into the heart, and the apple brings a ripe and crisp feeling.

Mixed fruit brings you Strawberry Watermelon, Mixed Berries and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavours. The sweet taste of strawberries is matched by the juicy bite of watermelon. This delicious taste bursts out in your mouth and makes you gradually happy. Mixed Berries is a blueberry, cranberry, and mulberry taste, sweet and sour taste, and multiple flavours, so you feel full of freshness every time you inhale.

Candy Ice, Peach Ice, Guava Ice, etc. are integrated with the taste of ice. The sweet candy taste makes you feel more comfortable, and the cold taste can make you feel instantly refreshed. I think this is where smoking is most enjoyable. Peach Ice is the perfect fusion between the juicy taste of peach and ice, and the sweetness spreads on the tongue.

In our online uk vape shop, you will get more disposable cigarettes of different puffs and of course, the latest e-cigarettes are also available for you here. You can quickly enter browsing.

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