Glamee GT8000 Vape-A Smart Rechargeable Disposable

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Introducing the Glamee GT8000, a groundbreaking addition to the world of disposable vape devices. Combining simplicity, innovation, and performance, this remarkable vape redefines expectations in the disposable device realm. Crafted for vaping enthusiasts who demand top-tier quality, the GT8000 boasts a 550mAh rechargeable battery, an intuitive digital display, an ample 16ml e-liquid reservoir, and an impressive puff count of 8000. Whether you’re a vaping novice or a seasoned connoisseur, the GT8000 guarantees an unparalleled vaping journey that excels on all fronts.

Glamee GT8000 vapes for sale

Design and Comfort

The Glamee GT8000 seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with ergonomic comfort. Its sleek, compact design positions it as the ideal companion for your on-the-go needs, fitting effortlessly into pockets and purses. Sporting a type-C rechargeable battery, the GT8000 bridges the convenience of disposable vapes with the endurance and power of rechargeable counterparts.

Unrivaled E-Liquid Capacity

A standout feature of the GT8000 is its remarkable 16ml pre-filled e-liquid reservoir. This ample e-juice capacity guarantees prolonged vaping sessions, delivering an industry-leading 8000 puffs. With an array of flavors available, ranging from rich tobacco to exotic fruits and decadent desserts, the GT8000 caters to diverse vaping preferences.

Innovative Coil Modes

With the Glamee GT8000, your vaping experience is fully customizable. The GT8000 introduces an innovative dual coil mode system: REG mode, utilizing a single mesh coil, and TURBO mode, activating a dual mesh coil setup. These modes empower you to tailor your device to your vaping style and preferences, ensuring a personalized and gratifying experience.

REG Single Mesh Coil Mode

The REG mode employs a single mesh coil engineered to deliver consistent, smooth flavors. It’s the perfect choice for aficionados seeking a well-balanced and subtle vaping encounter. The single mesh coil ensures uniform heat distribution, resulting in efficient vapor production and a clean flavor profile.

TURBO Dual Mesh Coil Mode

Craving a more intense and flavorful vaping session? Transition to TURBO mode. Here, the GT8000 harnesses a dual mesh coil configuration for denser vapor and bolder flavors. The dual coil system accelerates e-liquid heating, achieving even flavor extraction and robust vapor production.

Cutting-Edge Digital Display

A unique trait of the GT8000 is its integrated digital display screen, a rarity in the disposable vape sector. This screen provides real-time updates on battery life and e-liquid levels, granting you clear visibility into your vape’s status. No more guesswork or unexpected surprises; with the GT8000, you’re always well-informed.

Rechargeable Power

The core of the GT8000 features a potent 550mAh rechargeable battery, setting it apart from most disposable vapes. The battery incorporates a type-C charging port, facilitating swift and convenient recharging. With this robust battery, uninterrupted vaping sessions are a given, eliminating concerns of sudden power depletion.

Premium Nicotine Potency

The GT8000 boasts a 5% (50mg) nicotine strength, delivering a gratifying punch for enthusiasts seeking a more robust nicotine experience. Each draw provides a smooth, satisfying sensation, closely resembling traditional smoking without harmful combustion effects.

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