How About Rich Flavored Dinner Lady Vape Pen Pro?

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The dinner lady vape pen pro is a 600-puff disposable that provides a 500mAh built-in battery and 2ml of pre-filled e-liquid. Before that, a dinner lady vape pen disposable was launched by dinner lady, which can be well differentiated from the current one in terms of design. But I personally think that the dinner lady vape pro is more convenient to use, and the mouthpiece design is more ergonomic.

dinner lady vape pen pro disposable review

A disposable vape pen is very convenient to hold in hand and easy to put in a pocket. The flavour of this disposable pod is blended into the taste of mint, fruit, drink, and ice. If you have enough trust in the dinner lady or are full of curiosity, then please keep learning.

Although Peach Bubble is a combination of peach and bubblegum in taste, you will feel the distinct pineapple taste hit you when you inhale the first sip, and there will be a bubblegum taste when brewing in the mouth on the head—created for you a juicy and sweet vaping experience.

Grape Star is a mixture of red grapes and black grapes. You can feel a touch of fennel in the process of vaping, and there is a slight sweetness on the tongue that cannot be dissipated for a long time. In the process of exhaling the clouds, you can still feel the slightest coolness, which is because of the taste of menthol.

Red Thunder is an energy drink with a beautiful berry flavour that will leave you feeling unbelievably sweet and cool menthol to stimulate your brain. This flavour keeps you energized at all times.

Strawberry Watermelon is a mixed fruit flavour that combines sweet and fresh watermelon with ripe strawberries. The flavours are distinct but well-integrated.

If you are looking for convenience and fresh taste, the dinner lady vape pen pro is sure to meet your needs and give you more time to enjoy.

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