How About This Well Designed Altisc Hodor 600 Vape?

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Today, I want to bring you an e-cigarette product made of natural wood, altisc hodor 600 disposable vape. It is designed from wood scraps, the whole is not only generous but also comfortable to hold in the hand. Altisc Hodor Disposable Vape is compatible with a 400mAh built-in battery for power supply. The battery does not allow recharging, and you can safely throw it away after the power is exhausted.

altisc hodor 600 vape uk

The pod is pre-filled with 2ml of e-juice, allowing you to enjoy at least 600 puffs of vaping. With a built-in 1.4ohm mesh coil, you can get a more comfortable inhalation method, and the mist and steam are so silky and delicate.

The nicotine content of 18mg restores the whole vaping process and obtains the most realistic way of vaping.

Unlike many plastic disposable vapes, the Altisc Hodor 600 Disposable is the first disposable device made from natural wood, which comes from wood offcuts in furniture manufacturing. It will be a premium, unique, classic and stylish one-off that will look great and enhance your style as its handcrafted charm comes from nature. After use, you can use the Altisc Hodor 600 Disposable as a handicraft, collectable as a work of art, instead of throwing it away like a normal disposable.

In terms of taste, Ice Wine, Classic Leaf, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, German Beer, Menthol, Ice Coffee, Blueberry Ice, Sour Apple Ice and other flavours are provided for you. Combining the taste of fruit, ice and beverage, the combination of rich flavours can get a perfect smoking experience.

In vape shops uk online cheap, you can easily get everything worth the money. Of course, you can pay attention to more innovative and practical devices, and look forward to your further understanding.

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