How Long Does ELUX KOV Bar Last?

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The elux kov bar disposable is a highly recommended device and the best beginner vape, because of the unique nature of disposable vaping, it does not require re-filling or re-charging like conventional e-cigarettes, and there are no accessories to replace. Just wait until the vapour is depleted or the battery is drained and throw it away. 550mAh internal battery, 2ml of pre-filled vape juice and up to 600 puffs.

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Apart from these most conventional disposable configurations, of course, there is also the flavour that best distinguishes a disposable vape from a good one. Some poor quality products will tarnish their reputation with a nice and appealing flavour, when in fact the flavour is grossly out of line with what it is called.

ELUX has a reputation on the market as a brand specialising in disposable cigarettes, not only now because of its diverse flavours but also because of the impression it makes after use. This time the ELUX KOV Bar Disposable offers you 23 flavours, which add fruit, dessert, ice and drink flavours.

These are also some of the more popular flavours on the market. In fact, more and more people are now joining the ranks of those who use disposable cigarettes, some to quit smoking, while more are looking for a fresh taste.

Blueberry Pomegranate, for example, is simply a fruit blend of cool, crisp blueberries with the juicy taste of pomegranate, which feels like fresh fruit on the nose when you vape, and the sweetness stays in your mouth.

Mango Mojito, on the other hand, is a sweet mango and an alcoholic sensation that invades the mouth and expands as you slowly exhale, very tangy.

Strawberry Bubblegum Watermelon is a mixture of fruit and bubblegum, the overall taste is sweet and the two fruit flavours are a little stronger.

The inhale is overall just very silky and smooth, bringing you MTL vaping. ELUX has many more surprising flavours waiting to be explored, and the price definitely matches the feeling of use.

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