How Long Will Cloud Bar Geerdun Boom Disposable Last?

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With the advancement of e-cigarette technology, more and more diverse needs have emerged, and products are becoming more and more personalized in design and performance. What I want to evaluate for you today is a large puff disposable cigarette, geerdun boom disposable. It provides you with up to 10,000 puffs of inhalation, which can basically meet the vaping needs of normal users for 15-20 days.

The overall design is relatively simple but beautiful, using a device similar to a bottle, and you can quickly activate the device by inhaling. Stainless steel and PCTG materials are combined with each other, and overall are relatively strong and durable.

And the Pod is pre-filled with 17ml of e-juice for you, you don’t need to refill it, and the disposable vape can be safely thrown away after use. A 500mAh built-in battery is pre-installed. Since the device is rechargeable, it can be fully charged quickly through the type-c charging port.

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Of course, in order to satisfy your taste desire, we also provide you with the taste of watermelon ice, big bang fruit, watermelon strawberry kiwi, mixed with fruit and ice. If you are fond of a sweet or cool taste, this one is for you. With 50mg nicotine salt content, you can fully enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

I believe this very easy-to-carry disposable vape will never disappoint you. You can easily get it in our cheap vape shops. Of course, there are more practical electronic cigarettes waiting for your browsing.

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