How Many Hits Is A Hyde Retro Rave?

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The hyde brand is believed to be no stranger to users who often use disposable pods. This is an e-cigarette that enjoys a high reputation all over the world. You may also know about this single product that I will review for you today. It is hyde retro rave.

hyde retro rave disposable hot sale

Adopts a fashionable and high-tech design style, and its slender body makes it very convenient for you to carry. In addition, the mouthpiece is also designed for easy inhalation. The narrower diameter of the mouthpiece can bring you a smoother and thicker mouthfeel.

10ml pre-filled e-liquid provides you with a maximum of 5000 puffs, which means that you will not need to replace e-cigarettes for the next half a month. And you don’t need to refill it again, and you can throw it away when it’s used up.

Cheap disposable vapes like this with a large number of puffs must require a long-term battery to help last. With a 400mAh built-in battery and micro usb charger, you can charge it anytime. Of course, the 5% nicotine concentration is also believed to give you the absolute thrill of nicotine.

There are more than 20 flavours for you to choose from, pina colada can bring you an exotic flavour, the fresh coconut and the sweet pineapple complement each other.

Strawberry kiwi conveys the taste of ripe strawberries and sweet and sour kiwi. It is delicious and timeless, and it will definitely leave you wanting more.

Blue razz ice is a kind of blue raspberry with a fresh mint flavour. Taking a few sips can make you feel excited and energetic when you feel tired.

If you want to try heavy puffs, then hyde must be a choice that cannot be forgotten. Of course, it also depends on the smoking preferences of vapers. In vape online uk, you can browse what you are interested in at will, and there may be accidents harvest.

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