New Popular IQTE Tornado 10000 puffs Vape Review

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Today,I will introduce you the IQTE Tornado Vape Disposable Kit.The ram’s logo is very striking, with a black base, and the combination of the limited edition honeycomb grid is visually striking and very cool to hold in the hand.How does it work?

IQTE Tornado Vape disposable for sale

The IQTE Tornado disposable vapes will give you around 10,000 puffs of vapour output as it has a huge 22ml pre-filled vape oil capacity. IQTE Tornado Disposable features a 1.5% nicotine level for DL vapers.Powered by a 950 mAh rechargeable battery, it combines with the dual mesh coil to give you a wonderful smoking experience, plus the airflow adjustment function for added perfection and comfort.

It’s also great for beginners, so if you’re looking for a disposable smoke that suits you, give it a try on best online vape shop.

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