R and M Tornado 7800 Disposable With RGB Led system

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RandM Tornado 7800 launched in mid-2022, so far has been quite popular in the vaper community. Easily identify RandM Tornado 7800 in the crowd with cool human face textures on the body, along with a diverse color palette to satisfy the personality of the brothers.

R and M Tornado 7800 Disposable in stock

The RGB Led system on the Pod with 6 extremely eye-catching colors integrated on the body, not only delicious but also makes your experience more sparkling, especially vaping at night.

The container has a large capacity of up to 15ml, according to my experience, it takes nearly 2 weeks to use up the amount of essential oil filled on the Pod, the time can be longer for those with less frequency of use. .

RandM vape Tornado 7800 is equipped with a large 850mah and rechargeable battery, you can vaping for about 1 and a half to 2 days. In addition, the Pod is also equipped with a Type-C charging port on the bottom, which is both popular and shortens your charging time.

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