What About Flie Fatty 8000 puffs Rechargeable Disposable Kit?

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The just-released Flie Fatty disposable has emerged to add another dimension to your selection.Flie Fatty Disposable device allows you to easily enjoy fast vape anywhere. With a slim cylindrical pen body and a flat cigarette holder.

Flie Fatty Rechargeable Disposable

Flie Fatty Disposable pod vapes in Florida integrate a 850mAh battery to ensure vaping all day, and it has an actual tank inside that holds the premium e-liquid providing better flavor and vaping production.

Flie Fatty Disposable 8000 is pre-installed with 16ml of e-liquid, which has a higher capacity than most tanks on the market.This disposable device provides 5% Nic Salt of your favorite flavor. A compact, high-performance long-lasting disposable vape!

Please go to vape shop online to make an order.

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