What Is The Brilliance Of SMOK VVOW Bar?

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Do you want a disposable vape that is easy to operate, and can bring you a cool and sweet taste? Then please come and learn about the SMOK VVOW Bar Disposable.

The SMOK VVOW Bar Disposable Kit combines fruit, ice, and menthol flavors. As a new product of SMOK VVOW, it offers you menthol ice, banana ice, lychee ice, and lush ice flavors.

SMOK VVOW Bar Disposable UK

If you think the disposable can’t arouse your desire to vape then you are wrong, it comes with 20mg nicotine content, which will definitely allow you to fully enjoy every inhalation.

In design, the VVOW Bar Disposable adopts 304 stainless steel and a flat mouthpiece suitable for vaping.

Featuring a 2ml of e-liquid that will give you at least 500 puffs. The 1.05ohm coil can bring you back a smoother and purer taste.

This is indeed a product worth browsing.

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