What Kind Of Flavours Does SKE Crystal Disposable Have?

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The ske crystal disposable with a crystal-like texture. The crystal clear design and the combination of gradient colours are very beautiful and dazzling.

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This disposable vape is paired with a 500mAh built-in battery and a maximum of 600 puffs. The 1.2ohm mesh coil can ensure the full volatilization of the e-liquid and convey the taste to the user’s mouth in the most comfortable way. Provides a power output of up to 7W.

As a fantastic product, ske crystal also provides you with a variety of flavours. A fusion of fruit, ice, tobacco, and beverage flavours.

Apple Peach combines a crisp green apple flavour and a rich, sweet peach that you’ll feel pleased inhaling.

Strawberry Ice Cream is a ripe summer strawberry blended with a soft and cool ice cream taste, the two flavours complement each other to create a blissful and comfortable smoking atmosphere.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava captures the taste of sweet and sour passion fruit and rhesus monkey. It has a very exotic flavour. With sweet pomegranate, the three flavours can be perfectly blended, with rich layers, and each taste will have a unique sense of surprise.

Tiger Blood is based on energy drinks. The strong and sweet taste of the drink is combined with the refreshing ice taste, which can instantly refresh the tired body, and make it energetic and pleasant.

Beautiful, delicate and easy to carry, I think ske crystal is a disposable pod that can be easily taken out without hesitation, which will instantly relieve your irritability. Although the shell looks fragile, the combination of stainless steel and PCTG can definitely make you safe and secure.

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