What’s The Strength Of ELUX Bar 600 Disposable?

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Silky lines, easy-to-operate functions, and a summer-cool taste make the ELUX Bar 600 Disposable Kit a reality.

ELUX Bar 600 Disposable UK Onilne

The Bar 600 Dsiposable continues the previous design concept but does not lose the innovative style, and the taste is updated and the experience is updated. The fusion of fruit, ice cubes and dessert brings you a different refreshing feeling.

2ml of pre-filled e-liquid allows you to fully enjoy at least 600 puffs. And 20mg of nicotine strength will make you excited too.

The 550mAh built-in battery gives disposable the best battery life, allowing you to vape smoothly from start to finish.

With the flat mouthpiece you can activate the device in few seconds, reduce the burden of your operation.

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