Will You Love The Rechargeable Lost Temple Basic Diposable Vape?

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I would like to recommend a disposable vape device to you, lost temple basic disposable vape. As a simple and easy-to-operate device, lost temple basic has its own unique features. If you are curious, please don’t miss the following content.

lost temple basic kit uk

First of all, this is a device that can be recharged. Adopts a 550mAh all-in-one battery. The battery has been charged in advance. Of course, you can also recharge it through the USB-C port.

The unique thing about this rechargeable disposable vape is that the e-liquid is not injected into the pod in advance, but you need to pair it separately. Lost Temple Pod has a capacity of 6ml and 8ml. This also means that you can get different mouth counts.

They are 1000 ports and 3500 ports respectively, you can match them completely according to your needs. The nicotine content of 20mg can fully meet your demand for vaping.

When the pod is combined with the tobacco rod, you can start a pleasant smoking journey. Operation is always so easy with the suction-activated device. If you want to get more product information about lost temple, you can learn about it on the uk online vape shop, or find more electronic cigarettes you are interested in.

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