ZOVOO Dragbar B6500 Vape Review

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Today, we are reviewing the ZOVOO Dragbar B6500, the latest addition to the Dragbar series by the vape brand ZOVOO. For those unfamiliar with disposable vapes, the earlier models typically featured a small battery and held around two to three milliliters of e-juice. Once you ran out of e-juice or battery, you would dispose of it and open a new one.

cool mint dragbar b6500

The multi-day disposables, like the Dragbar B6500, have some notable differences. They come equipped with a larger e-juice capacity and a rechargeable internal battery. The concept is that you can recharge the disposable multiple times over several days and continue vaping until you deplete the e-juice.

Over the past year, we’ve reviewed various ZOVOO Dragbar disposables, each offering unique features compared to its predecessor. In the case of the Dragbar B6500, it boasts a substantial 13ml e-juice capacity and an impressive 6,500 puffs. What sets it apart is ZOVOO’s new e-juice formula and the introduction of a brand-new mesh coil design, the Mesh Coil 2.0.

This innovative mesh coil design is said to enhance e-juice efficiency and provide more consistent flavor throughout your vaping experience. In simpler terms, the 13ml of e-juice is designed to last for the full 6,500 puffs while maintaining a consistently improved flavor until the very last puff.

The question is, does it live up to these claims, or is it just another marketing gimmick in the oversaturated disposable vape market? Our goal is to identify the best disposable vape options regardless of your budget or vaping preferences.

So, read online vape shops to discover whether the Dragbar B6500 deserves a spot on your list of preferred disposables!

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