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How much do you know about the hyde brand? In fact, for users who often use disposable cigarettes, hyde must be one of the more familiar brands. Today I will introduce a relatively new product, hyde shorty disposable. In order to better give you a clearer understanding of the performance and taste of this product, we will take hyde retro rave as an example for comparison.

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Both Hyde Shorty Disposable and retro rave are firstly rechargeable devices, and this function is intimately set up in order to prolong the vaping time and service life. The reason why the charging time needs to be extended is also because of the large capacity of the e-liquid. Shorty Disposable provides 12ml of e-liquid, and you can enjoy up to 5,000 puffs of puffs. For vapers, you can enjoy vaping time more immersively. And retro rave provides 10ml of e-liquid, which is still up to 5000 puffs.

From these aspects, you may not see much difference, but in fact, they have certain differences in design. Retro rave hyde vape is relatively slender, while the shorty vape is more rounded and shorter. But it is very convenient to carry, light and will not bring any burden. They all have an airflow adjustment system at the bottom, so you can freely define the way you inhale.

Of course, there will be some differences in the experience of taste. In order to better distinguish the two products, in addition to the difference in appearance, there is also its own taste. Also provides more than 20 kinds of flavours, shorty vape brings a rainbow, raspberry watermelon, tropical, cool mint, strawberry b-day, dragon fruit lemonade, sour apple ice and other flavours. And Hyde Retro Rave brings bananas and cream, morning brew, pina colada, tropical and other flavours.

With so many rich tastes, your choice is freer, I think you will find your own exclusive taste here. In our vape warehouse, you can browse more hot sale e-cigs and enjoy pleasure time.

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