R And M Legend-Welcome To Your Wonderful Vaping Time

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What I want to present to you today is a disposable cigarette with a very visual impact. From the dark colour and the more impactful clown character, this device shows its personality. The r and m legend disposable vape adopts up to 10,000 puffs; under normal use, they can last for about a month. The e-juice is pre-filled with 20ml and does not require you to refill it to reduce the burden on you.

r and m legend disposable uk

The built-in mesh coil can volatilize the e-liquid to a great extent and restore the authentic taste, ensuring that the device heats up evenly and reduces the possibility of the coil being dry-burned. This cheap disposable vape features the inhalation activation method, and the mouthpiece part adopts a relatively slender design, so every inhalation will be smooth and silky.

Compatible with a 650mAh battery, which has been pre-charged. Of course, this kind of power is definitely not able to support 10000 puffs vape, so a type-c charging interface is added at the bottom for you, and you can use it anytime, anywhere Realize the freedom of charging.

Refer to taste, in addition to the satisfying nicotine salt content, various novel flavours have been added, such as raspberry blueberry blackberry, grape raspberry black currant, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, blueberry, iced grape, iced cotton Sugar, snow cone ice, etc. A variety of novel and sweet flavours are here for you, and you can choose freely according to your personal taste preference.

In vape warehouse, you can get these products, or you want to know more disposable cigarettes or electronic cigarette products are all available, and the delivery speed and service can meet your ideal standards, looking forward to your understanding.

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